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NewPath Ventures

NewPath Ventures is the first Indo-US venture capital fund focused on cross-border investments that leverage India's cost effective talent and high growth emerging market for achieving superior returns.

The fund was Co-Founded in April 2002 by Vinod K. Dham (Acclaimed as the Father of the Pentium Processor) and Tushar A. Dave (A pioneer in building Indo-US startups).

NewPath Ventures proactively creates and funds leading-edge startup companies that focus on systems, silicon, software and services. NewPath Founders leverage their industry experience and relationships, both in US and in India to help entrepreneurs develop investment themes based on global market opportunities. They actively participate in early stages of building the companies including product definition, business strategy, customer and supplier partnerships, key management hiring - both in the US and India. They utilize their network of premiere investment partners to help their portfolio companies fulfill or meet their capital needs.