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Mumbai Angels

Mumbai Angels is a unique funding organisation that serves as a platform for startup and very early stage companies. They offer a forum to bring face to face successful entrepreneurs, professionals and executives who are interested in investing in start up companies.

Started in November 2006, the Mumbai Angels is a unique forum where its members may interact and exchange ideas and knowledge. Many members of Mumbai Angels have prior Silicon Valley experience. In addition to the capital of its members, the Mumbai Angels provides access to high quality mentoring, vast networks in India and abroad for inputs on strategy as well as execution.


Mumbai Angels consider investing between $200,000 to $1,000,000. They remain as an investor in the company for a three to five year period prior to an exit pursuant to an initial public offering, trade sale or merger or acquisition. Larger investments may also be considered, although these may be in syndication with other groups of investors.


Along with team, the members of the Mumbai Angels who are successful business partners, entrepreneurs, senior executives from various industries. When a funding proposal is made, they read and analyse every part of it. Apart from investing funds, they provide proactive advice, industry connections, and mentoring to founders.


Asiatic Clinical Research Ltd, Karmic Lifesciences, AllizHealth, iKure Techsoft, Dhama Innovations, WeAreHolidays, Theranosis Life Sciences, NewsBytes, Vahdam Teas.


Mumbai Angels look for companies with focus on IT products and services, Business Process Outsourcing / Knowledge Process Outsourcing, Retail, Biotechnology and Pharmaceutical, media and entertainment, telecommunication, consumer durables.