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Morpheus Venture Partners

We are a gang of serial entrepreneurs and around 40 startup founders and growing. We believe that India’s startups are coming of age and will have a significant impact on economy in 5 years from now. Via Morphues Venture Partners (MVP) we are trying to make a small contribution towards “India’s startup revolution”. We engage with startups in the most crucial phase of their existence, the first 12-18 months, the phase that is also known as valley of death. MVP runs a Business Acceleration Program (BAP) for talented, progressive and young startups designed to guide startups through this treacherous phase. During this phase we work with you as a limited co-founder who is experienced and well connected. We are not shy about getting into the nitty gritty and during a typical day we would have edited a critical business proposal, screened resumes, outlined a product roadmap, made vital introductions and the list goes on.

Our main value comes from:

On Funding
MVP does not provide financial capital / funding to startups currently. We work alongside you as a co-founder, building the business brick-by-brick and invest sweat capital, relationships and our passion in the startups. However we do help companies gear themselves to raising funds and make the necessary connections. For a startup at the fundable stage, we can make very strong introductions to good investors.