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Gujarat Venture Finance Limited

GVFL Limited (formerly Gujarat Venture Finance Limited) is widely regarded as a forerunner in venture capital financing in the country. With a dedicated team, the organisation has an independent, autonomous and strong board to oversee its operation. Based in Ahmedabad, GVFL has ushered in the dawn of venture capital in India. Founded in 1990 at the initiative of World Bank, GVFL has supported ventures working on cutting edge of technology as well as encouraged entrepreneurs with innovative ideas.


GVFL focuses on early stage companies across all ectors. It has also makes investments in growth stage companies in manufacturing and infrastructure sector across India through its Golden Gujarat Growth Fund.


GVFL, since its inception has managed eight venture funds. The funds were invested in over 80 technology and growth stage companies. GVFL was a forerunner to support new and untried technology based projects. The first three funds-GVCF 1990, GVCF 1995 and GVCF 1997 has been liquidated with good returns. The SME Technology Venture Fund is focusing on early and growth stage technology companies across India. GVFL has launched its latest Fund, ‘GVFL Startup Fund' and is actively scouting for differentiated investment opportunities.


Ecotrail Personal Care Pvt. Ltd (Ahmedabad), Chhajed Foods Pvt. Ltd (Ahmedabad), Formcept Technologies and Solutions Pvt. Ltd (Bangalore), Sequretek IT Solutions Pvt. Ltd (Mumbai), Vidooly Media Tech Pvt. Ltd (Noida), Varmora Plastech Pvt. Ltd (Ahmedabad), Varmora Plastech Pvt. Ltd (Ahmedabad), Schedulers Logistics India Pvt. Ltd (Mumbai), Mantis Technologies Pvt. Ltd (Ahmedabad), Alfa Corpuscles Pvt. Ltd (New Delhi), D J Jasdan Wind Energy (P) Ltd (New Delhi), Ushdev Power Holdings Private Ltd (Chennai), Hubtown Limited (Gujarat), Sahajanand Laser Technology Limited (Gandhinagar), FairTech Engineering Services Private Limited (Bangalore).


GVFL looks for business ideas with a strong track record and significant interaction with clients. Scalability, larger market and unique competitive advantage in the proposal guide to their investment philosophy. If an entrepreneur having a compelling business idea to tell and are looking for funds and guidance, then GVFL are the right people to look for.