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Preetha Reddy Interview

The Most Powerful 30 Women

The recession, downturn or whatever you call it, has dented most kinds of lists lists of billionaires, lists of most valuable companies, lists of top recruiters and so on. But there is one list that has grown when others shrank BT's list of the Most Powerful Women in Indian Business. As we researched for the seventh edition of our list, we were confronted with an embarrassment of riches. Successful women leaders are dotting the Indian business landscape in far greater numbers than ever. Result: our list is of 30 jewels. Many "regulars in our list have added more to their power in the past one year. Two large and rapidly-growing private banks are headed by women today, which wasn't the case last year. Though banking and finance still dominate the list, woman power is growing exponentially in the business of Bollywood, consumer goods and public relations. Our list captures this too. Check out the new faces and the new achievements of the old ones.


Resource: Business Today