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Tender News

It is practically impossible for any individual or organization to scan the total press tenders purchase requirements published by various Government, Corporate, Public sector procurement & Tender purchase Agencies. For example there are more than 100 major news papers & journals being published in India which carry about 1500 major tender notices, invitation to tenders , government Tender bids requests & trade opportunities on a daily basis, i.e. even if one procures all the news papers and tender journals & deputes one person on regular basis, one may not be able to ensure that he has received the business & alltender leads & information regarding relevant tenders pertaining to his business activities.

In view of the above difficulty, we at http://www.tendernews.com have undertaken this online commerce project to compile all the Government public sector & press tenders information in an easily searchable online database and made available to you at a fraction of the cost instantly through our online commerce web site. We therefore invite you to visit our Website http://www.tendernews.com and see for yourself the utility of this online tenders database portal to you. The Website also offers a free trial and a pay per click / Annual Subscription based on the tenders purchased by you subsequently.

Tender news India team is changing the procurement & marketing strategy in a way that no other company has through its business to business portal .Tendernews.com has the necessary technical as well as business skills to handle and provide large volumes of indian & global procurement tender information on a real time basis. Tendernews.com collects government, corporate & public sector procurement tenders, bids information, business leads, expression of interest from the various daily newspapers trade journals online websites and compiles the business leads information in a quickly searchable database format on very economical terms.

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