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Schemes for Women Entrepreneurs

Women can start a business unit with a group of two to three women promoters as a partnership venture or as a cluster of units. This will facilitate them to take care of their family duties and at the same time to look after the unit personally. Service industry and food industry are some of their tested areas of success. Suitable engineering industry with low labour intensity can also be started.

Government policy since last few years is giving more emphasis to SSI units and many easy and innovative schemes are launched through commercial banks/ financial institutions. Promoter's equity/margisn are reduced for women. Concession in rate of interest is also provided. Seed capital schemes like National Equity Fund Scheme, wherein interest free equity type of assistance upto 25 % of project cost is provided. Special schemes like Mahila Udyan Nidhi is operated by SIDBI through commercial banks exclusively for Women to set up SSI units and to start service activities. Entrepreneurs can bring in their capital as low as 10% and 25% is provided as equity at low rate of interest. Balance of 65% is funded by Banks with a repayment period of over 10 years. Under Credit Guarantee Fund Trust for Small Industries Scheme commercial banks lend liberally to SSI units upto Rs 25 lakhs without collateral security.

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