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About Us

India.vc is a means to bring together funding agencies and individual venture capitalists of India. So if you belong to any othe categories mentioned above do send in your details to be listed on this website. The internet is a great way to strengthen networking requirements.

Purpose of India.vc

India has an ever growing pool of entrepreneurial aptitude ready to take on global competition and are constantly looking our for venture funding. India.vc wishes to provide an extensive listing of fund providers. We aim to not only offer a list of venture fund capitalists but also to guide entrepreneurs.

India.vc is a focused, targeted, comprehensive and easy-to-use resource for entrepreneurs, management consultants, and advisors. We aim to be the most effective online directory for venture funding in India.

Scope of Activities

Our scope of activity includes not only listing of venture capitalists and funding agencies, but also to guide entrepreneurs and offer them a forum to voice their experiences and concerns.

We aim to bridge the gap between funding agencies and entreprenuers in all fields of business activities whether in urban India or rural India and bring them together. We also aim to hold conferences and seminars to facilitate this meeting of funding agencies and entreprenuers.